A couple is married at manzanita on the oregon coast. They pose in sand dunes photography.
Wedding photography of a couple on the beach in sand dunes at Manzanita on the Oregon Coast

Matt and Britta held their ceremony in the lush dark green forests of the Oregon coastline. I really love the versatility of the Oregon coast. One moment you can be in a mossy old growth forest, and with a five minute walk, you can arrive at a gently sloping dune filled beach nestled between large rocky cliffs. The Oregon coastline is always one of my first suggestions for clients traveling from outside of Oregon who contact me looking for elopements with dramatic backdrops. Nothing beats the unique formations found on Pacific Northwest beaches.

Colorful sunsets can be few and far in between on Oregon beaches, but when they happen, there is nothing quite like them. Everything is bathed in glowing reds, oranges, and purples.

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