Mt. Hood engagement snow photos

Every winter, Mt. Hood is blanketed by a heavy coat of snow. The towering evergreens with their delicate snow-laden branches make one of my favorite winter backdrops. The soft glow of winter light filtering through the canopy gives a magical dreamlike feel to images and really compliments the hues of winter.


Alyssa and Tyler joined me for their Mt. Hood couple’s session during a light snow fall. The fluffy flakes added lots of depth to their photos. I always suggest having fresh or actively falling snow for snow sessions. (Makes for the best snowball fights!) As the snow stopped, we ventured over to some of my favorite forest locations. There are so many hidden roads and paths on the mountain perfect for couples that feel a bit shy about having their photo taken in public.


The Pacific North West has arguably some of the best winters. Much milder than the East Coast, but with just enough snowfall to really feel the change of seasons. It’s a popular season for many of my out of state clients looking to experience the full beauty of the Cascades.



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