Mt. Hood engagement snow photos

Mt. Hood Couple's Session

Mt. Hood engagement snow photos

Every winter, Mt. Hood is blanketed by a heavy coat of snow. The towering evergreens with their delicate snow-laden branches make one of my favorite winter backdrops. The soft glow of winter light filtering through the canopy gives a magical dreamlike feel to images and really compliments the hues of winter.


Alyssa and Tyler joined me for their Mt. Hood couple’s session during a light snow fall. The fluffy flakes added lots of depth to their photos. I always suggest having fresh or actively falling snow for snow sessions. (Makes for the best snowball fights!) As the snow stopped, we ventured over to some of my favorite forest locations. There are so many hidden roads and paths on the mountain perfect for couples that feel a bit shy about having their photo taken in public.


The Pacific North West has arguably some of the best winters. Much milder than the East Coast, but with just enough snowfall to really feel the change of seasons. It’s a popular season for many of my out of state clients looking to experience the full beauty of the Cascades.



Mt. Hood Oregon winter elopement
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Mt. Hood Oregon winter couple's photos
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Engagement photos Mt. Hood snow
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Mt. Hood forest overlook in snow landscape
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South Congress Couple session Austin, Texas

South Congress Couple session. I met Ruby and Shota on South Congress in Austin, Texas for a sweet couple’s shoot. I love shooting in Urban Locations because they are constantly changing. There’s always something new to see and photograph- like this pop up flower truck from Good Juju!


Austin is one of my favorite cities (I’m only a bit bias since it’s my home town). I love the walk-ability. We were able to easily reach several dramatically different locations in a short amount of time since we were so close to downtown and the river!


I was happy to finally shoot the iconic “i love you so much.” wall. There can be a bit of a line here to get photographs, so it pays to go on a weekday.

Engagement photography taken downtown Austin Texas during sunset

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Engagement photography shot at Manzanita Cliffs on the Oregon Coast

Manzanita Cliffs Oregon Coast Engagement

A Manzanita Cliffs Oregon Engagement at the coast. I met up with couple Bri and Ryan to take engagement photos on the Oregon Coast. After a muddy hike down to our cliff side location, we were greeted by the most beautiful and foggy scenic view.

Engagement photography taken at Manzanita Cliffs on the Oregon Coast during sunset

As the light faded, we caught some beautiful blue hour shots with the waves. These cliffs are some of my favorite in Oregon. They really showcase the spectacular power of the Pacific Ocean.

Engagement photography taken at Manzanita Cliffs on the Oregon Coast during sunset
Engagement photography taken at Manzanita Cliffs on the Oregon Coast during sunset

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Columbia River Gorge Engagement Session

One of the coolest things about Portland, Oregon is its location. It is just a short drive from the Columbia River Gorge with dramatic mountain views and strikingly huge waterfalls. It’s always one of my first suggestions to couples who don’t have the time to drive out to the coast, but are still wanting to have some gorgeous Oregon views.

When Katie and Jude came out from Louisiana they were looking for something uniquely Oregon.  We spent some time at one of the Gorge’s many stunning overlooks. There is something so magical about being able to see the beautiful evergreen hills dip down to meet the Columbia River.

Katie and Jude definitely knew they wanted photos with one of the Gorge’s many waterfalls. They loved the look of Latourell falls with its beautifully dramatic cliff face and moody PNW vibes.

Latourell is also one of the easiest waterfalls in the Gorge to access. Just a short walk down from the parking lot, it’s an easy walk for long gowns wearers, but the surrounding forest still leaves you feeling fully immersed. Week days are the best time to visit. It is a popular spot and can get pretty crowded on the weekends.

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A Downtown Portland Engagement

Alex and Aaron flew in from California to meet me for their downtown Portland engagement session. It was January, so we got just a bit of romantic fog around the tops of buildings. 

Downtown Portland Engagement Photography

Lots of laughs as we headed into the Pearl District to get some fun city backgrounds.